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Unable to change View
Hey Hitcher,

compliments on this great Skin. I'm your biggest fan of alaska revisited, however with my new ATV2 it wouldn't run very smooth so I'm currently checking for a new favorite skin.

Xeebo is pretty great by the looks of it, because it runs quite well on the ATV2!

However, I do have an issue: I'm currently Stuck in this view:


The intuitive way to change to view again would be to goon the right, correct? However, if I go all the way with the "Curser", it just jumps to the left again. I have no way to access the menu to change the view or the sort order.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Cheers in advance,

Stranger Wrote:Hey, just noticed that both full thumbnail wall views will not let me access the scroll bar or the right options menu. When navigating right it just keeps revolving.

Hitcher Wrote:Ah, it seems like pieh's fix for this just missed Beta3. Rollback to v3.0.1 for now if you can't wait.

Sorry about that.
Dumb question.... How can I rollback to 3.0.1 if I just installed 3.0.4?
You have to go to Settings -> Add-Ons -> Activated Add-Ons -> Skin -> Xeebo -> Configuration -> Rollback
Configure isn't an option for me. Also I meant that the first XeeBo install I did was 3.0.4

I haven't had 3.0.1 ever installed. Is there a place I can download a zip and install?

Thanks for the response as well.

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