Problem retrieving movie information

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miraclemaker Offline
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Hi guys I have XBMC installed on Ubuntu 11.04 on an Asus E35M1-I (AMD E350 Zacate), which I managed by following these instructions. According to my remote control I have 'XBMC PRE-11.0 Git:unknown'.

Everythign worked well when I first installed by now I find new movies that I copy over no longer appear in my library.

If I try and do a manual update by navigating to Videos > Files and then selecting 'scan for new content' via the title menu I get an error message:

Quote:Could not download information. Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?

Looking at my add-ons under System > Settings > Add-ons > Installed Add-ons > Movie information I can see I have 'The MovieDB' installed. I have version 2.0.1, and it's marked as 'update available'.

If I chose the 'update' option it causes XBMC to crash out and I'm returned to the desktop.
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Martijn Offline
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Try removing addons15.db from the userdata folder.

and restart. You should get some updates coming in probably

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miraclemaker Offline
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Thanks, I think I've fixed it. I updated to build 65 from alexandr-surkov/xbmc (think I was running build 44). That came with v3.0.0 of movie information and I was able to successfully update to 3.0.9 via the add-ons menu.

Thanks for your help!
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