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Display error after installation
Hey, new to the forum, but looking for some help.

I've been able to configure XBMC so that the library view looks perfect in the default skin. After browsing a few additional skin options, I came across refocus and decided it was perfect for what I'm doing.... however the install doesn't seem to format xbmc correctly.

I'm running on OSX 10.7.3
Installed via the repository zip
Once I switch to the skin, however, the coded file structure seems to appear instead of the correct text.
Example, in the changing skin section of settings, the headline reads: $var[window_title.system)
Additionally, going to view videos in library mode is just a big mess, with a "next aired" section popping up. It is essentially unusable

Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions on how to fix? I'd love to use this skin, especially over confluence.

Thanks in advance!
If you are running xbmc darma I think you may need to update to eden (beta). I believe refocus uses features not available in darma.
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