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remote virtual keyboard for Apple TV
I could not find the answer on General support forum - it looks it is a bug in XBMC code itself.
I use Rowmote Pro on my iPod as remote keyboard for Apple TV2 XBMC
I can type foreign letters (cyrillic) in native Apple TV 2 OS Search window using Rowmote Pro keyboard. Everything perfect.
But if I run XBMC application on Apple TV 2 - foreign letters are not typed correctly ( I see Greek alphabet instead of Cyrillic). Cyrillic file names are shown correctly in XBMC. No any problems with typing Latin characters.
I can type foreign chars in XBMC installed on PC (using PC keyboard)

Question is how to configure XBMC correctly for remote typing foreign characters? What fonts are used if you type and why it is not changed if you change localization in XBMC

Let me know what source code section is responsible for this section - I will try to fix it by myself
Thanks for help
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