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Deleted Trailers shortcut from home screen
Hi Guys,

For some reason I no longer have the Trailers option on the home screen. I've added it back with Addon-5 and assigned "The Trailers" addon to it, but when I change screen theme packs the Trailers menu does not change.

So what I'm thinking is that somehow I deleted it. I went into the Settings>Skins>Shortcuts/Backdrops section and don't see it listed there (that's where I assigned Addon-5).

Any ideas on how to get the default Trailers shortcut on the home screen so that it works correctly with the Themes?

I'm using Eden b3 and Aeon MQ3

I've upgraded to Eden RC2 but still got the problem. A bit more info - When I change themes and go to the Trailers menu, the background does not change to the correct theme background for the Trailers section (because it's a renamed Addon-5 menu, not the real Trailers menu because that's missing)

Any ideas?

Deleted Trailers shortcut from home screen00