[Request]Activate disks after screensaver
Using ATV2 with NAS storage, in order to reduce wear and power consumption, the NAS hibernates after 30 min of inactivity.
The issue is that they need ca 15 second to spin up upon access, and whenever I play a file, waking my XBMC from standby, the disks won't have time to spin up before XBMC returns an error message, stating the file is unavailable.
Waiting a few second after the first attempt works just fine.
It's just annoying as I mostly watch one movie at a time and just want it to work without issue.

I would need a script that, upon waking XBMC from screensaver mode, access a file on the NAS for the sake of spinnig the disks up. By the time I have chosen a move for playback, it would play without issue.

I've searched the forums and Google but haven't found any viable solution apart from letting my NAS running 24/7, which is not an option due to wear and test.

Thank you for your time
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[Request]Activate disks after screensaver00