Legal Issue about Streaming, Hosting, or Watching Contents
Facebook aren't 'blanking' Kodi, you can see the official facebook page here

They may be removing all those "fully-loaded" box seller's pages but, that has nothing to do with Kodi, and in fact would be in favour of this happening Smile
(2017-07-13, 11:20)The Judge Wrote: Hi.
I'm new to this Forum, but I have many views relating to the issue of 'copyright' material.
Skimming quickly over the contents here, I note that there are many questions as to 'when, how, if, illegal,
'work around' etc. But, should not this be addressed Globally!
Copyright issues are not only shared by the USA and the UK - they are prevalent throughout the World.
All Governments should 'forge' an Agreement which would be recognised Universally, then perhaps all
this controversy would cease!

You're in luck. There is just such an agreement called the "Berne Convention" and administered by WIPO. I would say your hope that "the controversy would cease" is a little optimistic

scott s.
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Legal Issue about Streaming, Hosting, or Watching Contents00