Add Startup (intro) video?
Can I add intro video when i started the xbmc? If not then the future will support this function the Aeon?

(see in the xtv skin)
if you use eventghost you can start a fullscreen video with "sm player" when opening xbmc
so it's not an intro video in your skin but it look the same...
I dont use eventghost, but thx for your tips
I made a intro video.
you could add
<onload condition="Window.Previous(startup)">XBMC.PlayMedia(special://skin/intro.mp4)</onload>
to your home.xml and place the intro named intro.mp4 in your skin root folder
will probably break startup playlist feature and doesn´t work too good when the "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" setting is set.
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Wow, thx phil65!

Works great.Big Grin

download link(if you want): [url=""][/url]
That's pretty sweet man! I'm definitely going to give it a try tonight.

Thanks for the d/l link

EDIT: If you want to get rid of the splash screen altogether so that you only see the intro video, add the following to advancedsettings.xml
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Thank you very much for your help, I use your advice in Xperience1080 v0.9b.Excellent job, works for me.
Best regards senna99
Ooooo. Gonna try this when I finish work. Thanks for the info guys.
Why not make a windows bootscreen of this?
That must be fantastic, is it possible?

EDIT: Download link is offline, file moved or deleted
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