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[RELEASE] FightCasts
This is a simple addon to aggregate content from various combat sport related content sources.

Currently Supported Feeds:


# Bellator MMA (Youtube)
# Budovideos Online: Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, MMA (RSS)
# Eddie Bravo (Youtube)
# Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (Youtube)
# HDNet Fights (Youtube)
# Iron Forges Iron (Youtube)
# MMA H.E.A.T. (Youtube)
# MMA Nuts (RSS)
# MMA: Inside the Cage (Youtube)
# (Plugin)
# Videos (Youtube)
# (Youtube)
# Middleeasy TV (Youtube)
# NickTheFace MMA Promos (Youtube)
# StillW1ll (Youtube)
# The Best of the UFC (RSS)
# The Fight Nerd (Youtube)
# The Fight Network (Youtube)
# The Reem (Vimeo)
# UFC (Youtube)
# WHOA! TV (Youtube)
# (Youtube)


# BTR: MMA Scraps Radio (RSS)
# BTR: MMASweetDown (RSS)
# Bloody Elbow Radio (RSS)
# ESPN: Gross Point Blank MMA Podcast (RSS)
# ESPN: UFC Podcast (RSS)
# FightFans Radio Presents (RSS)
# IT'S TIME!!! With Bruce Buffer (RSS)
# Joe Show Radio - Underground MMA Radio (RSS)
# MMA Radio: Beatdown with TJ De Santis (RSS)
# MMA Sunday School with Scott Holmes and Rodney Dean (RSS)
# Radio (RSS)
# Sherdog Radio Network: Rewind (RSS)
# TapouT Radio (RSS)
# The Bum Rush Radio Show (RSS)
# The Joe Rogan Experience (RSS)
# The Jordan Breen Show on the Sherdog Radio Network (RSS)
# The MMA Hour - Audio (RSS)
# The Savage Dog Show with Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood (RSS)

It's mostly MMA at the moment but I can add boxing/kickboxing/whatever too if anyone wants. If there are any youtube/vimeo channels or podcasts that you'd like to see in the plugin then just post below and i'll see what I can do.

Download: From the official repo

Might want to keep an eye out for accounts that regularly show events here:

For example, it appears that this user might be streaming the fight this weekend:
Might be worth a try to see if this is a static link to the stream in which case it will always be there for each fight they stream.

Not sure how easy any of this would be to do though - best of luck! Wink
right on nice addon!!!
Any chance you can figure out how to stream the UFC 144 prelims via FB?
vijayk416 Wrote:Any chance you can figure out how to stream the UFC 144 prelims via FB?

with 6 minutes notice? no, sorry Wink
Cool, any chance of branching off into some boxing channels?
Addon should now (or as soon as you upgrade to RC1) be available in the official repo Smile
Mighty_Diamond Wrote:Cool, any chance of branching off into some boxing channels?

Definitely, but I'm not much of a boxing fan so if you want to point me at some feeds/sites with original video content then i'll be happy to look at it.

[RELEASE] FightCasts00