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Im not saying that 720p is better than 1080p...im saying that 720p is better than 1080i.

I am also not talking about picture size, but picture quality...a 720p picture has 720 pixels in the picture at any given time...and a 1080i picture has 540 pixels on the screen at any given time...interlaced video is old technology retrofitted to HDtvs so that companies could sell more tvs and cable broadcasts, since 1080i sounds better than 720p...it is all marketing.

Here is a video explaining this point

why ESPN prefers 720p over 1080i

cnet review

also, deinterlacing adds a tiny bit of blur to the interlaced lines so that the interlacing artifacts are less noticeable...and I would think the whole point of HD videos is not to have blur in any amount...When I watch 1080p or 720p I dont do any interlacing of anykind, and the picture quality is amazing...that's just my 2 cents, I won't hijack the thread anymore...Im trying to help users have the best experience they can, that's all
a frame in 720p:1280x720 = 921600 pixels
a field in 1080i: 1920x540 = 1036800 pixels

Discussing what results in better quality is much of a flame war. E.g the European Union recommends 720p for broadcasting HD but most of the private stations do in 1080i. I guess they have not decided to do so because they desire lower quality.
I agree with you...but I also think 1080i is used for broadcasting simply because it sounds similar to 1080p...so there is more perceived "bang for the buck"...even if there is a slight loss in quality when rendering fast movement.

Now of course it comes down to personal preference..if you want a bigger picture or a smoother picture...but I only mentioned 720p usage since many people are apparently having an issue with 1080i...and considering it isnt as good of quality (or at a minimum...very similar in quality) as 720p...id just say stop using the format all together and save yourself the headache of fixing the problem in the first place...

it's like trying to watch netflix on ubuntu...you could spend forever trying to make a linux version of silverlight...or you could just dual boot windows 8 which is available for free.
@digitaltomj: The video you linked to is old and inaccurate. The guy doesn't take deinterlacing into account at all. What I'm trying to say is that 1080i can sometimes be perfectly deinterlaced to 1080p, which obviously means 1080i > 720p. In any case, I thought the reason why broadcasts are never in 1080p (instead in 1080i) is because 1080i can deliver the same picture quality but at the same time requiring only half the bandwidth.

@FernetMenta: I had a look at the thread you linked to earlier but didn't get much wiser. I also looked at your fork over at Github and found https://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc/pull/43. Are you planning to merge this into mainline anytime soon?
The 1080i and interlacing issue becomes more urgent with the XBMC PVR usage. Actually we don't have choice between 1080i and 720p, simply because the channels are broadcasted using 1080i... I'm setting up an OpenElec/XBMC HTPC based on a Dell Precision M4400 Laptop (with nVidia Quadro FX1700), and video quality is not as good as expected. I'll try to tweak the deinterlacing settings to see the result.
Has anyone tried playing interlaced content on a Raspberry Pi? I don't see how it could handle deinterlacing in any way, no matter the video resolution. All the more reason to try to make 1080i output possible
I'm also having a problem with vdpau deinterlacing. I'm using a GF9300 + Core2Duo. Recently got a HDHomerun to stream OTA HD content via ethernet. For 1080i content, I get severe stuttering and frame drops unless I turn deinterlacing to Bob or off altogether. This also happens with interlaced DVDs. CPU usage stays low so I'm thinking it's some problem with vdpau? I'm running Ubuntu with the latest NVidia drivers. I only noticed the changes when I upgraded midway through last year and just lived with no deinterlacing on DVDs, however with 1080i content it's a real problem now.
Hi, now that Raspberry Pi is enabled with MPEG-2 and support for it included in XBMC as well as PVR included in XBMC, is there any chance to have a native 1080i output mode added? I guess RPI will not support deinterlacing as supported with vpaud, and we all know that most of the Live TV is using 1080i, what will be the solution?
iirc rbpi supports hw deinterlace - don't nail me on that (may be i even mixed it up with pivos)
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