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Music Video info display issues

I am having trouble with a couple of display issues in the music video library.

As per picture, the video count at the top left is wrong (i think it is my movie count overlapped by my music vid count!). The song description info is also overlapping - is there any way that I can get it to move to the left and above the thumbnail preview image?

Please help as my programming knowledge is limited!

It's a bug - I'll get to it when I can.
thanks - will eagerly await result!!
Hi, any progress please?
Not yet - real life interferes. Smile
thanks again - please squeeze some time in to sort this. Would make the best skin flawless.....


Time to take out a trespass order against me....
You're right.
time for the monthly bump - appreciate you have a lot of other things to do - if you wont be able to remedy this, are you able to point me in the right direction? thanks very much. The skin is working brilliantly in Eden (other than this one issue!)
Hi thechinmaster,

Make a backup of View type list2.xml and Try this :

it may fix the overlapping problem
Steve_ you are a hero.

I wish I had known it was so simple. It took me a while to find the changes you had made to the xml file. I have fiddled with it a bit to get it perfect. Learned a lot about the way the display is structured in the process of doing so, so it will no doubt save future questions from me about similar issues.

Thanks very much - if ever you are in New Zealand then I owe you a beer!

+1 (in spirit, as that's the second time you have helped me so I can't plus again unfortunately)
Yeah thechinmaster !!
I'm so glad that it works for you !! Can you post a screenshot ? If you modified the xml, can you share it ?
Thanks for the beer, but I leave in France ^^


I also dont get a total movie count when looking at my library.
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Well your in better luck than me then steve as nz beer is awful anyway!

Sorry rflores, but it hasn't fixed the count problem, just the layout issue.

Original: Image

Fixed: Image

I only played around with your xml steve, changed the width and height on the below lines so that they are the same as my TV shows folder.

<control type="textbox">
<description>Description Value for Movie</description>
<autoscroll time="2000" delay="3000" repeat="5000">Skin.HasSetting(AutoScroll)</autoscroll>

Next to try and sort out this count issue.... I now that I have a very basic idea on how the code works I'm going to have a crack, but any ideas?

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