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Transfering ALL XBMC Settings to a new Computer
I have finally decided to have a dedicated XBMC computer and i want to know how i can import ALL my settings to my new computer... That includes, movies, music etc as well as all the plugins and setting associated with that... Is there a way?
All your settings and your library are stored in your userdata folder (see and you can simply copy this to the new PC.

But ...

Your library will contain the full file names of your films and music, and copying the library is only useful if the locations of your media are the same on the new PC as they were on the old PC. For example, if all your films were in C:\Videos on the old PC you have to copy them to C:\Videos on the new PC. If all your films are on a NAS or some other network storage this avoids the problem.

So the procedure is:
1. install XBMC on the new PC
2. copy the userdata folder from the old to new PC
3. copy all the mdeia from the old to new PC keeping the directory names the same
4. run XBMC and it should all work

Hopefully one day a skilled SQL guy can do a script or front-end to accept a "moved-from/moved-to" input and update the filepath table in the db Nod
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Thanks for that... Yes it would be nice to have things simplified... I wouldnt mind making a small donation to the project should it help...
You could, alternatively, export all your data into individual nfo files. While you'd still have to go through the finding and scraping process on your new machine, you wouldn't have to do any re-looking up of info or fixing names.
Path subs would also work (XBMC v11 only):
This is why I've started mounting my shares via fstab. I create my directories in /media and then mount my network shares there. As long as all my front ends have the same mount points, I'm golden.
Reviving this old thread.

I have a PC with a 32GB mSATA drive (27GB usable). Between Windows 7, Kodi and Kodi's media database files, I am filled to about 23GB on that mSATA drive.

Getting a 250GB mSATA drive sounds like a super easy fix if I can simply copy everything from AppData on the existing mSATA drive to a USB drive, drop in the new mSATA, load Windows 7 and Kodi, then copy the AppData folder back over.

Before doing this, I wanted to make sure there weren't any changes between the version used back in 2012 (XBMC) and Kodi 15.2.

Is there anything else I need to know?
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