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This seems like it should be so simple, but I just can't figure it out. I want to be able to add my favorite (already setup) as a submenu to Music. My understanding is that the script.favorites is supposed to make that possible. I do not have the option of selecting a favorites when I go to Settings>Skin>Add-on Shortcuts and click Add-on 1.

I thought maybe I had to install or enable it, but cannot find it anywhere. The script.favorite folder is present in my ...AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons directory

Can someone offer some insight into how to make this happen?
Disregard this post...

I found a much better way to accomplish what I was looking to do.
Out of curiousity what did you end up doing to fix the situation?

(2012-02-24, 19:12)VMCosco Wrote: Disregard this post...

I found a much better way to accomplish what I was looking to do.

I ended up editing an unused entry in the IncludesHomeMenuItems.xml for the skin.

I never use the "Songs" submenu because I have over 20,000 songs and it is too cumbersome.

Find the entry (mine was line 142): <include name="HomeSubMenuMusic"> There you can either add a new control or modify an existing one. I modified the "Songs" control.

Changed the label to <label></label>

Changed the action to <onclick>PlayMedia(&quot;lastfm://user/USERNAME/personal&quot;)</onclick>

This added a Music Submenu item that when I click, opens and starts playing my personal station. Other stations I still have to access through the library.

Rather than modifying an existing control you could also create a new one using the same format as the others. Just realize the numbers in <control type="image" id="#####"> need to be sequential

Screenshot attached
adding sounds good , will i need a plugin?
No add on required. You have to enter your login info into Settings > Music > Song Submission. You can then add as a Music Source from Music > Files.

In the path I previously listed you obviously have to substitute your user name for USERNAME
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