TheTVDB: How does it work?

currently I am analyzing the tvdb-scraper (for Dharma) and have a question about the (general) scraper-behaviour:

Inside <GetSearchResults> the found tv shows will be returned.
And one result contains a url where information about the tv show can be found.
So far so good Smile

In case of the tvdb-scraper this url points to a zip-archive.
Now I am wondering how this is handled by the scraper-engine, because the zip-file itself contains 3 xml-files.
Which one will be used in the following <GetDetails>-call?
Are all these xmls combined to one large xml file or how does it work? Smile

Best Regards,
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Yep, exactly. In case a .zip is found we extract and append the contents (see
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OK, thx Smile
:eek2: AWX - Ajax based Webinterface for XBMC (Dharma Beta 2)
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