[xbmcbuntu eden beta 3] Init Crash On Startup
(2012-03-28, 16:57)JMelin Wrote: I was having the same struggle myself (XBMCbuntu Eden, Final). I followed the solution suggested in this thread and thankfully, it worked for me!


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install --reinstall gdm xorg

I shouted way to early. It worked for a couple of days and a few shutdowns, but now the problem is back again,

(2012-03-28, 21:28)mapsreteip Wrote:
(2012-03-28, 18:27)EmuZombie Wrote: You may be right. We are all using SSDs and therefor booting much quicker then we would under normal circumstances. If memory serves at the same time I was attempting to fix this issue, I was also installing other background tasks that run at startup (mysql server, ect..) Those might have increased my boot time by 1 or 2 seconds and given it enough time to load the kernel module.

You might try adding a delay to see if it fixes the issue for you.

Added a sleep 4 to /etc/init/xbmcbuntu.conf just at the start of the script. That fixed it for me. So I think the guess with the ssd was right.

I tested your suggestion but it didn't work for me I'm afraid. I have a Zotac Zbox HD-ID11 (Atom D510) with a Compact Flash card as HDD. So my problem might still be related to timing (CF being simular to a SSD).

How does your xbmcbuntu.conf look like? I added "sleep" in the beginning of the script as suggested, see code:

    sleep 10
    kernelParams=$(cat /proc/cmdline)
    xbmcParams=${subString%% *}


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