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Sound Initialization error when A/V sync is enabled
Ok, so this will probably sound very weird, I must admit it, but here is the problem that I am facing (since beta 3 it seems, but I am not sure, I must test with beta 2 to see if it's the same, but I don't think so) :
- If I enable A/V sync (in settings => video => player), when using Aeon Nox (that is also true with Alaska), I got "Failed to initialize your audio device" on the first video I try to launch. Then, I have no more sound, even in menus.
- If I disable A/V sync, no problem (but that sucks No)
- If I use Confluence + A/V sync, no problem at all.

And now, for something even weirder :
- starting XBMC with Confluence (or switching to it before playing any video), play a video => Ok, switch back to Aeon Nox, playing another video or the same one => Ok.

It seems that "not-Confluence" skins have a problem with initializing the audio on the first play, when A/V sync is enabled, but if it has been initialized correctly one time, then it's Ok.

That's really really strange, it takes me some time to realize that the problem I was facing was caused by the skin, I didn't thought at first that there could be some relation between skin and audio device initialization...

So... is this kind of bug talking to someone ? what could be the difference between Confluence and other skins regarding the first time the video player is launched ?

I am quite confused here Confused
Fixed by FernetMenta (a big thanks to him !) :
esprit Wrote:Fixed by FernetMenta (a big thanks to him !) :

Can I apply those settings in my Xtreamer machine?

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Sound Initialization error when A/V sync is enabled00