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Xetasoft tries out new XBMC skin
xetasoft has developed a new skin for xbmc. this skin, is the first official skin from a developer and will be upgraded continually until, xbmc is officially released.

this current skins version is a simple variant on the xbmc original skin, however in an attempt to try multiple skins the xetasoft team is hoping to help the xbmc team better develop its skin chooser.

a more intricate design is currently being developed with animations etc. stay tuned to xetasoft for more details and updates....long live xbmc.

the new skin can be downloaded at
nice work m8
gonna test it tonight!

i've been trying to get the download modules up as of late but, the download should be available regardless. thanks, any feedback is appreciated.

i have about 300 skins for download (from evoxx to mediaxmenu to all the others) if i can get it working.

also, is it illegal to allow people to download instruction manuals or cd covers? just asking before i go ahead and try to add it to the list.
i am running the xbmc.alpha.cvs.10-10-03 build.

downloaded the xetasoft skin and upacked and copied the entire folder to the skin directory on xbmc.

if i try to select the xetasoft skin the screen goes black and the xbox crashes.

i had to go into the ms dash and delete the xbmc save game settings to allow xbmc to start normally again.

not sure if its a problem of the latest build or the skin.
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i think it has to do with this issue from the "bugs" forum:

Quote:also make sure that theres only 1 subdirectory in skin
called mediacenter
i've seen ppl copying the cvs folder also;-)
so if you got

then delete skin/cvs
it should not b there!


i was able to duplicate the issue on my xbox (xbmc.alpha.cvs.10-10-03 build) as well. to test the skin, i backed up my "media center" skin and then deleted it from my xbox and then renamed the xetasoft directory to "media center". it allows you to view the skin/try it out. hopefully the skin change problem is a simple bug and can be worked out in the next build.  Image
there's a bug in the xetasoft skin!
look in the xeta/ subdirectory
- xml files
- a directory called fonts
- a directory called xmedia

rename the xmedia directory -> media
and then it works

there are two xml files (settingsfilter and myscripts) not working with the current build (10-10-03) of xbmc. you can download a fixed version of the xetasoft skin here.

edit: updated url to a working host

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great big thanks for the updates to the skin. i'll update my site with the latest build.
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Xetasoft tries out new XBMC skin00