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A few questions about MythTV (mostly transcoding)
Well I've got MythTV installed on my Ubuntu 11.10 system now. It sees my HDHomeRun Prime and can record from all three tuners simultaneously. Huzzah! So at least I'm part way done. I've only run the default Myth front end so far, I wanted to verify functionality before messing with my XBMC install.

There are a few things I've run into, and I thought I'd ask y'all as so far my research through the various Myth docs hasn't returned much.

1. Does its transcoding suck, or is it just me? I end up with files a bit bigger than the original mpg it saved. And I'm losing Dolby Digital audio. I can only choose mp3 or Uncompressed, and Uncompressed results in files that have no audio in VLC. The original mpg files sometimes play, and sometimes don't in VLC so I don't know if they are reliable, but I've seen DD in them, so I know it's there.

2. Anybody try using handbrake as a transcoding engine? I took one of those files through Handbrake, it converted it to mkv just fine. Is there a simple way to do this? I'm thinking that maybe making that a user job to execute after recording might work. I could always write a perl wrapper if necessary to fix the file naming.

3. How does one actually engage Myth's commercial removal automatically? I know it scans the files for commercials, but I see no option to remove them and their transcoding isn't doing that.

4. Somewhere, at some time, I found options regarding overscan, but I can't find them again. I find that it records a 4:3 image from an HD source the top of the image has a line or two of garbage.

5. I had an issue with downloading TV channel icons. It only grabs icons for channels that being with A-K. No Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. A bit annoying. I've found no one having that issue so far. I'm wondering if I can grab a pack of icons somewhere and drop them in the appropriate directory and do a rescan. Anyone have any issues with this?

Thanks guys. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this project. If I can get XBMC to work as a frontend with Myth, and also set up a second machine with the front end, then I'll be able to put a TV in downstairs that is nowhere near a coax connection and still give it live TV as well as all sorts of other stuff. I'm getting a little emotional just thinking about it. Confused

A few questions about MythTV (mostly transcoding)00