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Remote Troubleshoot.....I/O errors before connecting
I am able to get the remote app on my droid to connect to XBMC but it will not connect on the initial start up on the app. When I first open the remote app I get the error message: "I/O Exception ( No route to host". This message will keep popping up as the remote keeps trying to reconnect. Then if I leave it alone for 5 minutes or so it eventually ends up connecting.

I have the remote connection going through my WiFi with my windows firewall turned off. I am running Norton Internet Security 2012 but I have had the same results with turning Norton's firewall off as I have with keeping it on. I have also set firewall exception rules with the IP address, port 8080, and XBMC is also listed as an application exception.

Once the remote app eventually connects it will stayed connected until I disconnect my wifi connection.

Can anyone provide any insight as to why this is happening? TIA
I would assume its a ice cream sandwich problem. Or eden. Or the mixture of the two. I have the same issue. the error always pops up, but then the remote immediately works.

Remote Troubleshoot.....I/O errors before connecting00