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Different versions of a script.module in the offical repository
Is it possible to have two different versions of a script.module in the addon repository? For example exists in repo at version 0.1 specifies version 0.1 in its addon.xml

I want to update, but there are potentially incompatible API changes that would break, until I have a chance to update it.

If I commit version 0.2 to the repo, will automatically use the new version of

Any pointers would be appreciated.

If you specify that version 0.2 is backward compatible to 0.1, then yes it will pull down the newer version when a user installs it. However, there is no runtime checking done to my knowledge, so if the user has version 0.2 then it may well just import the new one. Please test it out and see what happens Smile

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Different versions of a script.module in the offical repository00