Using a global folder to store actor images
Can someone point me to the function where XBMC searches the ".actors" subfolder?

I'd like to make a patch that allows an option for the actor images to be searched in a single folder and for that folder to be set in "advancedsettings".
also if set upon exporting the images don't get copied multiple times to several different ".actors" folders... but rather to the global ".actors" folder.
Can you please make a separate option for "Movies" and "TV Shows" if you do this?

Aternatively allow the global ".actors" folder to contain multiple photos for each actor, something which could also be used for screensavers / slideshows, or an actor information view.

The reason that I ask for this is that "TV Show" actors on have unique pictures for each televisions show.
Quote:Actor Image Rules
  • Images should not be stretched in anyway, if you can't find high quality images that meet our requirements please leave it for someone else to fill in.
  • There should be no writting on the actor images.
  • Images should ideally be head shots or stay above the waist, full body shots are allowed but if possible we prefer no lower than the waist.
  • Images should show the actors in their roles. General actor images will be added later, for now we like each show to have images picked for that show.
  • Images must be 300x450
  • Images must take up the whole image space, bars on the sides or top are not allowed.
  • Must be in jpeg format
  • May not be over 100kB.
So if an actor or actress plays in two different sci-fi television shows then he or she will have two district photos, with him wearing the costume dress for each show.

For example look at Amanda Tapping's photo for Stargate SG-1


and compare it to Amanda Tapping's photo for Sanctuary


While on IMDb and on for movies she only have one main photo.

Thanks for considering this.
I like this idea, and its good to see that there is a set size on the images now.
I would really like to see the whole cache more organized. for example when
removing a plugin it cleans up its own mess.. Big Grin Good choice in an actress by the way.. Big Grin
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