Showcase view Folder picture is cut off
Tried a search, but come up blank - I'm having an issue where in the Showcase view of Aeon Nox, the top of my folder pictures are being chopped off (fig1).

In other views and in the detailed information view - you can see how the folder picture is suppose to look (fig2)

Is there any tweak I can do to make showcase accept slightly larger pics as it seems some are more cut off than others. Unfortunatly, not all of my movies folder pics are exactly the same dimensions....close, but not exact.

Fig 1: cut off tops Notice not all are exactly cut-off the same. Three to the left; movie "Your Highness" is almost completely visible....

Fig 2: Full view - how they're suppose to look.
Remove the folder.jpg from your movie folders and rescrape the thumbs if you want to use showcase. The dvd case view in Nox already has BD cases, so there is no need for starkcovers.
Yeeeeeeeah - not gunna happen. All my covers are "starked" and stored on my file server with the movies as I'm a convert from MediaBrowser. Whatever front-end / theme I use needs to support what folder pictures I have. I don't want plain covers stored anywhere and be limited to certain themes and views that flash them up.

My goal in switching to XBMC was to try and keep 99% of the metadata I already had and/or make it very easy to convert to XBMC standards. Thankfully with Eden and the advancedsettings file, coupled with the converting functionality of MediaCenterMaster - I've been able to achieve this with very limited inconvenience.

I'm not going to remove all my nice covers and let XBMC waste bandwidth downloading around 2,000 new, random, plain covers. I think I'll just suffer through a few mm of the tops being cut off for now.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
Hey, it's your party Smile
Just so you know, xbmc doesn't need starkcovers. Unlike mediabrowser we can do all that cool stuff with the skinning engine. Just try one movie; switch to dvd case view, enable bd/dvd cases and scrape a regular thumb through the movie info dialog.
Otherwise just switch to a skin that doesn't have bordershadows and glass overlays (or alter the xml's), althouh I think every skin uses at least shadows on the thumbs.
Yeah, and believe me - it HAS been a party coming over to XBMC from MediaBrowser. So much more time to tinker with fun shit like the look and feel or god forbid actually watching some of the stuff I have, rather than wasting my time trying to get things to play Nod

I'd rather use the showcase view, not the DVD Case view. It'd be handy to have that auto skinning functionality on all views, but I can understand what sort of massive undertaking that would be coding wise, so I won't even bother asking lol.

It's a minor inconvenience, and I'm still very much a n00b when it comes to the full capability of XBMC and themes, so I'm sure there's lots of ways around such things - just thought I'd ask.

Cheers Noid.

I thought I'd drop back here and mention that I did end up finding a way to fix this up. I changed some lines in the "Includes_Showcase" xml, specifically I found and replaced any instance of:




Have used this method over the past few version of Nox released, and can confirm it still works with the current 3.6.1 version on Windows install, with no other noticeable ill effects. Cool


I was using also StarkCover on my Windows Media Center with Media Browser to get BD and DVD cases.

But now, I have remove my old folder.png and rescrap my library to get fresh <movie_name>.tbn and use DVD case view to get the same visual effect.

And with my mod, you will be able to open the case to display the discart Cool
Sorry for my english, but, you know, I'm French so ...

Main HTPC : Core i3 2120T running OpenELEC with Aeon Nox 5 and my mod
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(2012-11-07, 13:00)mikebzh44 Wrote: now, I have remove my old folder.png and rescrap my library to get fresh <movie_name>.tbn and use DVD case view to get the same visual effect.

And with my mod, you will be able to open the case to display the discart Cool

Yeah, as mentioned initially, I didn't want to re-scrape anything when all 2000+ of my movies had starked covers that I like already Wink, hence the required "workaround". (Love the power of the advancedsettings file making this possible!)

Love the mod you've got, and I have been manually working my way through my library creating disc images for all my movies - but I have plans on using the default Aeon nox spinning disc view (can't recall what viewtype it is off the top of my head), for my boxsets view :-).

Will definitely give your viewtype a crack on my test box though, I may very well change my mind before I get to put it into use (waiting to finish making my disc images 1st)


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