** RC1 AV Sync Issue ** -> Read me before upgrade
bilbonvidia Wrote:I think its an issue that I have just not noticed before.

Interestingly it stays in sync if I dont use the auto refresh rate changer on both ac3 and mp3. The delay I need to set seems to be -200 on the problem files. (ac3)

The headache I have now is that I have hundreds of kids tv shows in 24p some with ac3 and some with mp3 and the kids cant manage the offset by themselves.

How do people get round this? I suppose I could leave the auto refresh off but then my smooth playback goes out the window.

Can a delay be set for a specific series/season?

Only manually at this time (in the Video OSD) I'm afraid. Just to try, what happens if you let XBMC decode your AC3 by disabling AC3 passthrough in your System>Audio Output settings. May be a workaround. Short of another GPU that's all I can suggest.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried many things and cant get it to work consistenly but I was looking for a quieter card anyways so will be purchasing a gt430 soonish, hopefully this will help!
Just to say that I got a nvidia gt430 and now I have no synch issues whatsoever that I have noticed. Yippee.
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** RC1 AV Sync Issue ** -> Read me before upgrade00