You tube file view glitch
Hi Sharpe....just a quick thing I noticed

The file view 2 looks great for the Youtube plugin. The icons look great compared to to the list 1 text only view.

However, no matter how many times I assign this view when navigating youtube through XBMC, Backrow will always revert to the text only list 1 when I get to a new page within the youtube plugin.

Any idea why this is happening? Will post a debug log if you can't replicate Smile

Hi mate - does it only do this for the you tube addon do you know?
As far as I know, yes. Will let you know if i see it happening anywhere else Smile
Just using the youtube plugin again for the first time in a while...seems like this glitch is still there....any idea what's causing it?


Looks like according to this page there is a feature dependent on the Confluence skin to default the view back to thumbnails Sad

I like Back Row too much to switch and Confluence still wont default to what I pick...
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