I've bought myself a Asus eeebox EB1021 and thought to give XBMCbuntu a spin ... but unfortunately I got stuck here :

By speeskeek at 2012-02-29

Install went fine, but it gets stuck at "checking battery state" and doesn't load into XBMC.

I'm a complete ubuntu noob ... so babysteps plz Smile
Oh, I installed XBMCbuntu with unetbootin, since the eeebox doesn't have a DVDdrive.
Don't know if this is relevant ...

/Edit: I've installed the normal ubuntu OS (not XBMC version) without issues. However, installing xbmc from there is for engineers I think Undecided
I've got similar situation with asus E45M1-I Deluxe. I think there is a problem with AMD E-450 chip. I tried to install XBMCbuntu or start from USB and both of method doesn't work. Other (non XBMC version) Ubuntu work really nice , but I want XBMC-team version .

With best regards
Check your xorg.log, it's because of the fglrx driver, it isn't installed properly by XBMCbuntu.
You have to install it manually via console directly from AMD.
Switch to a free tty (Ctrl+F6). Download the newest one with wget and run it with
sudo sh amd-*.run.
Hey Cyberman, you did it !!!! :-)))

Just use the following in terminal:

wget http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/amd-dr...x86_64.run

and then

sudo sh amd-*.run --force (because I didn't know how to remove Smile )
Can i do this by wireless or only by ethernet ?? (Yes,I'm completely noobSad )
I was connected through wireless ... (I a complete ubuntu noob as well Wink )
Ok so step by step:
1) Start my machine
2)Pressing ctrl+f6
3) now i can choose :
"a)UBUNTU with linux 3.0.0-15-generic
b)UBUNTU with linux 3.0.0-15-generic (recovery mode)
c)memory test (memtest86+)
d)memory test (memtest86+) ,serial consile 115200)
Press enter to boot the selected OS , "e"to edit the comands before booting or "c" for a command line ."
4) what can i do now??
When machine fails to boot, just press ctrl+alt+F6
This will take you to the terminal
(you will need password & username)
IT WORKS!! Thank You! Laugh
You guys are ace. I'm giving this a try tonight on my E45M1-I Deluxe board with XBMCbuntu Eden. It's currently running stock Windows 7 with Eden on top but it's darn slow!
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