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Windows 7 + VRC-1100 + Harmony
I am using a Harmony 700 with this:
Receiver I used EventGhost before but somehow that broke the Driver and I couldnt hold a Button to send multiple keypresses.

The Remote is working now with standard Win driver.

Now I have to map the buttons because I cant use the MCE Keyboard profile.
That should be possible with XBMC (Map the menu button to "c" for example).

But how do I find out which button I have to map when the Remote doesnt send keys?
So how do I have to name them in the keyboard.xml?

And how can I change the button in Windows?
I want the power-toggle button to shutdown the PC (right now powertoggle send it to sleep) in EG I could just map it to systemshutdown but how can I do this without software?

Seems like most ppl have problems with that Receiver but I found nothing how to solve the problems.
I use that exact remote (well, the receiver for it), Win 7, and a Harmony 650. All is well. I've never had to touch Eventghost. I use Showkey.exe and edit keyboard.xml and remote.xml

I set "Ortek VRC_1100" as my media device, and have matches the numbers, colored buttons, power buttons, and channel/volume/mute keys.

I used SHowkey.exe (search for it) to find out the command that my receiver and Windows comprehends, which are output in XBMC-friendly format, which can be pasted into corrosponding lines in keyboard.xml found in my Userdata folder.

There's is a quick and easy mod around here to get the MCE start command to start XBMC

A quick button setup list i use:

Red - I use for my receiver, set as customized function in Harmony software
yellow - Info screen
green - context menu
blue - start XBMC
Guide - subtitles
Last channel - backspace (to go back in XBMC menus)
OK - Enter
up/down/left/right - cursor keys

All else is set as default remote buttons mentioned above.

However, I leave my HTPC running pretty mcuh 23/7, so I've never looked into a power funtion.

I've asked many questions about getting stuff to work for my Harmony remote, so maybe have a look at my older posts here on the forums

Good luck.

PS - I had some trouble with button-press timings for a bit. I set my Harmony remote delay to second lowest value, and set my WIn7 keybaorsd repeat delay quite lwo to fix it. (for instance, if i quickly hit Down twice, the BXMC selector would go down 6-8 plces in stead of jsut the 2.
Thanks that helps alot.
Could you upload your .xml files?

But if I cant get the offbutton to work I have to use EG I think.

I use the Harmony Activities so when I use the all-Off button the HTPC goes to sleep...
No problem. Sure, I can post my xml files to pastebin when i get home. Though since i use a slightly different Harmony model, do nto be surprised if some things do not work... and they are for XBMC 10.1 Dharma, not any 11.0 betas or Dharma nightlies, just to be clear.

I also suggest you use Notepad++, as it's very easy to see the parts of the xml lines, since the different sections of a lien are colored differently. ANd of course, back up your originals!
I think the remote doesnt really matter since it is the same Harmony profile and Receiver.
Going to try your xmls and then change what I need.
A great majority of changes are in keyboard.

keyboards.xml -
remote.xml -

hm. looks a bit differnt than in Notepad++... well if it goes wonky you can PM me your email address

So the lines with "mod" are the things you changed?

Testing later going to bed now.
No, "mod" jsut incidcates taht a command using Control, Shift, or Alt key is used. For instance, one of the colored buttons sends Ctrl-Shfit-T.

Like i said, just start Showkey.exe and hit a button. Showkey will display the command to you and you can paste it into a function line in the .xml files.
I use a VRC-1100. I have the * and # keys mapped to "ContextMenu and Info" and I configured the Menu and Info buttons on the Harmony to the VRC-1100 * and # keys.

My keyboard is attached. Note that this will only work on Eden. XBMC v10.1 is more limited in it's key handling. Anyhow, press Windows-R and in the Run dialog type:

notepad "%appdata%\xbmc\userdata\keymaps\keyboard.xml"

and click OK and answer Yes if you're prompted to create a new file. Copy and paste the following into Notepad:

      <numpadfive mod="alt">contextmenu</numpadfive>

Close Notepad and save the changes. You might also want to create an appcommand.xml containing:


as with my remote I needed this to make the Play/Pause button work properly with music. You don't need this if you just play videos.

Yea thats exactly what I did with Menu and info.

I just cant get the Power button to work...
But I think I am near Wink

I deactivated everything that has something to do with sleep, hibernate... everything thats not Off.

But now I get no keyid with ShowKey the receiver flashes red but nothing.

I thought XBMC.ShutDown() shuts down the PC but it only exits xbmc.
Anyway to to shutdown with one key?

Back at EventGhost...
Seems to work ok when I use your xmls and not the EG remote plugin.

thanks for the help
TeKo Wrote:EDIT:
I thought XBMC.ShutDown() shuts down the PC but it only exits xbmc.
Anyway to to shutdown with one key?

System settings, System, Power saving and change the shutdown function.

(2012-03-01, 11:55)jhsrennie Wrote: I use a VRC-1100. I have the * and # keys mapped to "ContextMenu and Info" and I configured the Menu and Info buttons on the Harmony to the VRC-1100 * and # keys.

My keyboard is attached. Note that this will only work on Eden. XBMC v10.1 is more limited in it's key handling. Anyhow, press Windows-R and in the Run dialog type:

So I tried to follow the instructions and was successful in 1) creating my entries in keyboard.xml and placing it in the keymaps folder, 2) mapping the VRC-1100 buttons to my Harmony 890.

The Harmony sent the correct commands. However, XBMC (Eden) did not respond properly. For instance, the Subtitle button did nothing to the subtitle display. My guess is that I am using the wrong XBMC commands inside the tags in my keyboard.xml.

Below is my keyboard.xml. Noob question - where would I find an up-to-date list of XBMC commands that I can put within the tags in keyboard.xml?


<!-- ORtek Vista MCE Remote Control VRC-1100
<numpadfive mod="alt">contextmenu</numpadfive>
<!-- t mod="ctrl,shift">XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyPrograms)</t--> <!-- Yellow button - using to start XBMC through Windows shortcut -->
<m mod="ctrl">XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyMusic)</m> <!-- Blue button -->
<i mod="ctrl">XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyPictures)</i> <!-- Green button -->
<e mod="ctrl">XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyVideos)</e> <!-- Red button -->
<o mod="ctrl">ContextMenu</o> <!-- Button under Yellow -->
<g mod="ctrl">Subtitles</g> <!-- Button under Blue -->
<t mod="ctrl">OSD</t> <!-- Button under Green -->
<m mod="ctrl,shift">PreviousMenu</m> <!-- Button under Red -->
<b mod="ctrl,shift">Rewind</b>
<f mod="ctrl,shift">FastForward</f>
<r mod="ctrl">Screenshot</r>
Look at me. Figured it out all on my own! Smile
I am having some issues with a similiar setup.

I am using this receiver, on the latest official Eden release of XBMC, Harmony 700 and Windows 7. I setup my Harmony remote with the Ortek device and have tried remapping some of the functions of XBMC with the buttons. Most of my custom mappings are not working but I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I have read a lot of threads and still can not seem to figure out what I have done wrong. In XBMC settings I have it set "remote sends keystrokes" (or whatever it says, not at the computer so I can't recall exact wording) set to TRUE. I have updated my keyboard.xml seen (here: keyboard.xml) to my custom mappings.

My receiver lights up when I press the Harmony commands and I verified with Showkey.exe it is sending the command I anticipate it sending but XBMC is not responding to my custom commands. XBMC is using the default mappings for the Ortek remote instead of my settings. For example, the command <m mod="ctrl"> by default is the "Music" button but I tried to change it to launch XBMC settings in the keyboard.xml file. But when I press my Harmony button mapped to use the Music command XBMC is launch the music section instead of settings. I have verified that my keyboard.xml is located in:


Another issue is that all the default media buttons are not working either. Play/pause/skip forward/skip backward/stop/FF/REW do nothing at all in XBMC or Media Player Classic (I use this as my external player for all HD files as I find XBMC handles MKV poorly). I have tried to grab these commands using ShowKey.exe but it does not register them, why is that? What am I missing? I am at my wit's end here!!!

I have the MCERemote addon installed and enabled as I did this before I got my actual receiver and was messing around blindly not knowing what I needed to do. Is it the problem? How do I recover?

EDIT: I should add that I tried the custom commands on my wireless keyboard and they did not respond either.
I have some updates to my previous situation. First of all I found why a majority of functions were not working. I overlooked that I changed my commands to NUMPADXXX and as such my close commands were incorrect. My mistake. But now I am having more issues.

Here is my new keyboard.xml

My play/pause/skipforward/skipback buttons do absolutely nothing. I can not seem to get them to work at all. FastForward/Rewind work good but nothing else when it comes to those. Any ideas as to what I am missing for those? When I send those commands to sendkey.exe it never shows me an output and I have tried many times now.

I want to make the EXIT button on my Harmony ALWAYS (with 1 exception listed below) go to the Home screen but currently it does not always work. If I am playing a video and press EXIT (sends the ESCAPE keyboard press) it will go back to the file list, or if I am typing to a textbox it will just close the popup. How do I change it so that it will ALWAYS go to HOME. The exception is that if I am already on the HOME screen I want the EXIT button to send the shutdown XBMC commands. I believe I have inserted it there correctly but it does not work, it still just reloads the home screen.

Also with text boxes for typing the JumpSMS commands are not working for me at all. They simply just input the associated number. What am I missing? As far as I can tell from my research I believe I have input the commands correctly.

Is there a better command to use instead of "INFO" during playback? I want the INFO button to bring up INFO but is there a toggleinfo instead? It is annoying that I can not press INFO a second time to have it disappear.

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