XBMC android remote & Eden
Hi all. Ive ditched my windows box this weekend and installed Gentoo instead.

After a bit of dicking about its all working exactly as Id like it EXCEPT the XBMC android remote/HTTP remote. In the settings of XBMC I can enable UPnP same as I did on Dharma but I dont see ANY options for setting up the connection (port etc) in Eden. Now Ive only ran Eden on this Gentoo box, so Im not sure if either the functionality and or options have changed, or if I have something wrong with my build.

Any advise?

Basically Im want to know if the settings in Eden for the remote are the same as they were in Dharma.
They should be the same.

I set up my android remote the same as I always did on Dharma.
-Allow Control via HTTP
-I changed my port to 9999, nothing else is going to use it.
-Allow programs on this system
-allow programs on other systems

Settings>System>Input Devices
-remote control sends keyboard presses

The Android application shouldn't have changed so set that up as you always do. (I always use WiFi Only and always specify the IP rather than the hostname)
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