Eden 11 RC1/tvheadend - crash while importing epg

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xxxnelly Offline
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check out the openelec forums


Frontend : OpenELEC PVR runnig on Acer Revo 3700
Backend : Ubuntu 11.10 running with TVHeadend 1 x DVB-T, 1 x Dual DVB-S2
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giaur Offline
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As I can read above, there is some workaround to this epg error. But, can I enable tvheadend authenticacion again? Is this also fixed in rc1 or not? Can you confirm?
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Begall Offline
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Authentication is 100% ok in the current RC1 build.
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bilbonvidia Offline
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(2012-03-10 21:13)Drae Wrote:  https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/issues...nt-4419652

Make that change and it seems all is well again.

EDIT: the full path to the file being xbmc/pvrclients/tvheadend/HTSPData.cpp

I am on xbmcbuntu and cannot find this file?
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Trigger Offline
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(2012-03-12 20:26)xxxnelly Wrote:  check out the openelec forums

Thanks, I'm going to try this later, hope it works.
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opdenkamp Offline
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this has already been fixed in the master branch. new builds are underway.

opdenkamp / dushmaniac

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