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Pulse Eight Openelec issue
Just installed the latest pvr build of Pulse eight's build and for some strange reason the Neon skin is broken. Anyone have any ideas why this is?

I can't live without my Neon skin.
I think it's because the Logo downloader addon is being replaced by Artwork Downloader addon.

Stoli said the skin should still work fine on RC1
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that makes sense. well I'll see about adding the passion repo to grab the newest version because I'm not patient enough to wait til the weekend. As it is, it won't even let you download the skin and is listed as broken.
It's up-to-date on the Passion repo...
Yeah, I was being dumb about it. I figured since I was already running Neon when I upgraded my windows pc to RC1 that everything was fine and dandy. Just installed a fresh copy of RC1 on my work PC and noticed that Neon was showing as broken in the repo there as well. So..... question answered, problem solved and sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Is it Friday yet.....

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