ATV2 + XBMC + Eden Beta3 keeps crashing

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ninian Offline
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After starting ATV2 it often crashes after a couple of minutes. It only seems to be doing it after enable the Aeon MQ3 skin and the Artwork Downloader. I can't quite firgure out what exactly is causing this and would like to keep these 2 things enables as I like them.

Can anyone shed some light on this by looking at my log? There was no crashlog that I could find with todays date either.
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Ned Scott Offline
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Step one, try with XBMC v11 (Eden) RC2 (which is newer than beta 3).
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jd2157 Offline
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Ned Scott Wrote:Step one, try with XBMC v11 (Eden) RC2 (which is newer than beta 3).

rc2 isn't showing up with the standard "apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2" at the moment, of course once I post this it'll show up... it was available for the Mac though... must not have finished propagating yet for iOS
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