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XBMCBuntu vs CrystalBuntu
What is the difference between these 2? and are there any benfits of one over the other?
Crystalbuntu is an Ubuntu-based build with XBMC installed specifically, and only, for the 1st Generation Apple TV put together by Sam.Nazarko. XBMCBuntu is the new iteration of XBMCLive. XBMCBuntu is a Ubuntu-based iso that can either be run live or installed to non-volatile media and run. There really aren't any benefits of one over the other as they are for completely different hardware.
Thank you for the quick response.
I've been reading and getting mixed messages here then. So can I not use XBMCbuntu on ATV1?
No, you cannot. XBMCbuntu is for generic x86 computers. On the ATV1, you can install XBMC two ways. You can either install it as an application on the Apple OS (modifies OSX), or you can use the patchstick method and install Crystalbuntu.
Can you install Crystalbuntu on hardware that isnt an apple tv (1st gen)?

I have a dell with crystalhd card so this could be quite useful if possible.
You could always install xbmc for windows which will use the crystalhd card.
Crystalbuntu is built specifically for the Apple TV hardware. As thnmnt said, you can install XBMC with Windows as the underlying OS on the Dell.
If you're into hacking, you could get xbmcbuntu going on the AppleTV. There are a few things to take into account though, and if you're looking at Ubuntu specifically, there's no reason to do all the hard work when someone has already done that for you (crystalbuntu).
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Getting XBMCBuntu working on the ATV1 would take some major work. You'd need to incorporate older nVidia drivers, downgrade Oneiric down to Hardy, use a different kernel, incorporate it into the mach kernel image and make it all work with the hardware. It is not a small undertaking, and is really not worth the effort, since Sam has already done this and made it into an easy-to-install package. You get a Hardy install with the most recent version of XBMC on top of it, and everything just works.
can u follow the wiki to for hardy and install precise on the ATV1?
I don't think so because of the kernel needed by the ATV, but I've been wrong before.
I have installed Ubuntu Mint and XBMCBuntu on ATV1 .

reference see

It is possible and goes like this

To a USB stick or USB hard disk, install ATV Bootloader for auto boot

Make sure Apple TV will start to atvbootloader (penguin Logo)

use remaining space for an EXT3 Partition

Move USB thumb drive or Hard disk to a PC with no other hard disk (recommended) ,

Boot PC to a install CD of Linux distro of choice and choose custom install to ext3 partition mentioned earlier

When installation is complete boot to linux and use "blkid" or "sudo blkid" to get the UUID of ext3 partition

Create a faux old style grub menu.lst file using UUUID of ext3 partition et al ,

edit fstab

insert USB into Apple Tv and boot linux on Apple TV with ethernet connected

connect to ATV via ssh

Install atvclient (for apple remote support)

Install crystalhd (if using Broadcom crystalHD)

Install b43 Wifi drivers (if using internal wifi)

Installl nvidia 2.95.40 driver

If installing other than XBMCBuntu, disable all 3d effects and Unity

edit xorg.conf to add Option “DynamicTwinView” “false”

install xbmc (pre loaded in xbmcbuntu)

reboot to a fully functional xbmc

there may be an issue with HD decoding with CrystalHD card installed however. I have never figured out why but I believe it may have something to do with the interaction of Nvidia and CrystalHD drivers. If you figure it out please PM me

If you want to copy this to the hard disk of ATV this is easily one with usb disk and ATV1 internal disk connected to a linux machine with "dd" command. I typically use an IDE to USB adapter for the ATV disk when connecting to PC

Although Crystalbuntu is super fast and based on ubuntu , it suffers in many ways; Breaks Ubuntu installations and updates (or updates break Crystalbuntu), and often has issues with updates, as well as crystalbuntu updates that can completely break crystalbuntu, as has happened to me on several occasions.
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