Stream live video from windows capture card to apple tv2

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Okay. I'm loving xbmc on my appletv2. But I'm wondering if an application/addon exists for a specific purpose I'm looking for.

I want to stream live video from my windows pc capture card (home security camera) to my appletv2 so I can view it on a tv elsewhere in the house/network. The goal is to archive the camera footage on server while still getting live surveillance through the appletv2/xbmc.

I suppose I could work with something designed to stream a webcam....?


Camera -->pc video input--> sling to appletv2?

Thanks all
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I can't answer directly, but I certainly point you in the right direction:

*If I helped, please "Thank" me below*

The XBMC team, plug-in devs, skinners, etc. do this for us for FREE in their spare time because they want to. Think about that for a second before you start bitching...
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