[MOD] Shade V2 for Eden
Thanks a lot!!
2.4.0 is very near! Upcoming "Recently added home screen" for version 2.4.0:

Just a minor update to show you the new "Recently added" Home layout... less info, more images! I just need to create some info box with TV series title, episode name, and the plot on the right side of the focused item.

Movies, Recently Added:
[Image: screenshot054sv.png]

TV Series Recently added:
[Image: screenshot052y.png]

Work in progress! See post #17, especially the 1st thumb.

You're invited to comment!

If someone wants to test out the nightly version, see here : http://code.google.com/p/shade-xbmc-eden...e/checkout
any preferences between these two possibilities?

[Image: screenshot055.png]


[Image: screenshot054sv.png]
The first one!! Nice work.
I suppose that the movieinformation is only visible when selecting one of the movies?

Yes indeed, the movie info appears when you go on a movie with a fading effect. Otherwise, there's no movie info, just the posters for featured and recently added.
UPDATES on Home screen. I'm almost finished!

New home screen with recently added and featured enabled (it's brighter in real life):

[Image: screenshot003e.png]

When the focus is on one of the recently added or featured movies/episodes. With the added space caused by the removal of the top bar when the focus is on the Recent movies/feature I'll probably put a big poster alongside the plot... :

[Image: screenshot004ikm.png]
Upoming 2.4.0 screenshots

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
UPDATES ver 2.4.0

  • Reduced the footprint of "Recently added" on the Home menu
  • Added the "Rollback" feature in add-ons manager (so that you have the ability to rollback to an earlier version of a given addon)
  • Modify the programs and addons in skin settings, so that when choosing a program or video addons, the title and icons is automatically setted and shown on the Home screen
  • Change default backgrounds
  • Completed updating inner working of the skin to comply with XBMC 11
  • Corrected bug in the implementation of Artwork Downloader
  • Corrected bug in Wallstream view (no plot information when the info pops-up after x seconds on a given movie), and some cosmetics changes to label positioning

1) New Home screen for Recently added TV episodes, Movies and Music:
[Image: 7047801153_73a7c5760c_z.jpg]
screenshot009 par Borghor, sur Flickr

[Image: 6901706214_fa4c2779cd_z.jpg]
screenshot006 par Borghor, sur Flickr

[Image: 7045812871_e84fb98c0a_z.jpg]
Music par Borghor, sur Flickr

When yo focus on a Featured items or recently added episodes or movies, the top bar disappear and show further information on the item and loads the Fanart:
[Image: 7047801115_6f5dc21789_z.jpg]
screenshot008 par Borghor, sur Flickr

[Image: 6899021894_0f5ebc253d_z.jpg]
screenshot031 par Borghor, sur Flickr
Programs Addd-ons and Videos add-ons on Home screen:
[Image: 7047820371_3840f91ecf_z.jpg]
Programs Add-ons on Home Screen par Borghor, sur Flickr

[Image: 6901725680_8df22b955a_z.jpg]
Video Add-ons on Home Screen par Borghor, sur Flickr
Great job!
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It's now time for features suggestion for release 2.5.0.


For 2.5.0
  • Correct Support for extrafanart;
  • Add a web browser button on the home screen (needs to be verified if it's doable though!)
  • Add "Fanart" option for custom background (instead of being forced to navigate to the fanart subfolder) DONE in 2.4.4
  • Add CD Wall visualisation
  • Change the default position of "Now playing" on Home screen. It currently goes overt the Recently added items (users that are not using the "Show recently added" in skin's setting does not have the behaviour). DONE in 2.4.4

NB: I'll release a last 2.4.X (2.4.4) (probably next thursday) that will correct navigation speed for Poster View and Welo view. It's now much smoother, along with some minor bugs and cosmetic change to labels.
New screenshots

here's some new screens of an updated version of Shade-Eden. I find it a little better with the "Bottom Floor", which gives focus to the items shown. Expect release for next week.

[Image: 7088361051_c5595b54e3_z.jpg]
screenshot041 par Borghor, sur Flickr

[Image: 7088360791_88b1963847_z.jpg]
screenshot036 par Borghor, sur Flickr

[Image: 6942290340_bf3399135c_z.jpg]
screenshot039 par Borghor, sur Flickr
Is it possible that the new version is not completely uploaded in repository? It's trying to install and then i'm getting into a black screen, after a while it's coming back. When checking the version it's still on 2.5.0. I had to rollback to 2.4.4, to properly use it. 2.5.1 is now marked as 'blacklisted'.
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[Image: all-thin-banner@2x.jpg]

Yes I have wronfully marked version 2.5.0 in addon.xml. Now 2.5.0 is deprecated and 2.5.1 should be OK now.

If it's not the case, please report back!

edit - The problem appear if you have installed 2.5.0 before I deleted it (it was online for about 12 hours before I saw the bug). The "dirty" way to resolve the problem if it doesn't resolve by itself would be to change the version label in addon.xml from 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 (in Windows, it's located under Users/AppData/Roaming/XBMC/addons/skin.shade.eden.svn). The thing is that 2.5.1 and 2.5.0 are the same version, minus a bogus file that accidently made it's way to the repo. When I uploaded the corrected version (2.5.1), I forgot to change the label top 2.5.1. So XBMC thinks there's always a new version on the repo but the label never changes to 2.5.1.

Again, this problem only appears for people that updated to 2.5.0, during the 12 hours that it was online.

So, if anyone has the problems, please report back. Maybe the quickest way to resolve it would be to upload a "new" 2.5.2 version so that XBMC doesn't go back and forth between 2.5.0 and 2.5.1.
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