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"Get Artwork" database corruption w/Xeebo skin
I apologise if this is the wrong section, but this *only* happens to me when using the Xeebo skin (both nightly and official repo version) using Eden (b2,b3,rc1,rc2) on Windows 7. Has anyone else run into this?

When replacing the poster thumbnails using Get Artwork, seemingly at random, the entire Movies database will get corrupted and a prominent white line will appear under the buttons. Due to the transparency of the Movie Information page, it's easy to see the list of movies disappear in the background.

Before replacement artwork:

Database corruption after replacement artwork:

If I hit "Close" at this point, the database is 100% corrupted and I have to delete my entire XBMC profile. But if I hit "Get Artwork" again, and then select the same image, this time it works, the list of Movies comes back, and I can safely back out of the Movie Info page.

Database restored:

I can't seem to replicate this using Confluence or any other XBMC skins. Has anyone else run into this? Is it an XBMC bug or a Xeebo bug?
Know and fixed for next release -

NolesNYC Wrote:I am having a weird instance were if I try to change the thumbnail artwork via "get artwork" menu item for either a movie or tv show then I am not able to browse that directory anymore and the only icon is the parent directory icon.

I also cannot browse the directory by going to the "files" menu. Removing and reading the source doesn't fix the issue either.

unabatedshagie Wrote:I'm having a weird issue with this skin. When in a library (either videos or tv shows) I am unable to access the right menu section (where you select the views etc) using the arrow keys on the keyboard. I can't even get the focus to go onto the scrollbar to jump pages quickly.

Anyone else getting this?

Have latest version of skin (3.0.4 I think?) and Beta 3.

I've just tracked this bug down and it'll be fixed for the next release.

The problem was the SendClick action was sometimes being sent to the wrong window (MyVideoNav instead of DialogVideoInfo) and this meant watched items were being hidden.
Thanks so much.

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"Get Artwork" database corruption w/Xeebo skin00