[HELP] Latest XBMC on Fedora 16, Kernel 3.3 - Not working
Update: The problem was traced to the compositing cinnamon session manager - Since I could be find a way to turn compositing off in cinnamon, I installed xfce instead Smile

Hi Guys,

I've been using Windows 7 media center (and Windows Vista before that) for a while now, but I have enough quibbles with it that I want to move on.

First up, I'm running Fedora 16 Gnome (using cinnamon because I truly dislike unity) and a vanilla 3.3 kernel. The machine is an Intel i5 2400K on a Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 and I'm using the embedded Intel graphics running through the HDMI port to an LG monitor

I've setup a RAID 5 array using the Linux kernel md support and migrated all my Windows-based recorded TV, DVD's (I was using My Movies and the DVDs are are raw TS_VIDEO/TS_AUDIO, not ISOs) pictures, music and videos (including MTS files from a Canon High Definition camcorder) over to it. With Samba setup (selinux caused a little trouble, both I got past that) the system is running like clockwork (well, as much as it was before the move)

So I installed XBMC 10 for Fedora using yum - When a ran it (by just running xbmc from a terminal) it kicked my cinnamon session. When I went to logon again, I had xbmc available as a session, so I chose it and it worked well enough - I played some music to check it out.

But (as you probably can tell from the above setup) I like to live on the edge Wink - I thought I'd give Eden a try

I just cloned xbmc from the git repo according to instructions here:


$ su -c 'rpm -Uvh http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedo...noarch.rpm http://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/f...noarch.rpm'

$ su -c 'yum install SDL* glew glew-devel libmad-devel tre tre-devel libogg libogg-devel libvorbis libvorbis-devel boost boost-devel bzip2-devel bzip2-libs fribidi* lzo lzo-devel mysql-libs mysql-devel jasper jasper-devel faac faac-devel enca enca-devel hal hal-devel hal-libs cmake gperf nasm libXmu-devel fontconfig-devel freetype-devel libXinerama-devel pcre-devel gcc-c++ sqlite-devel curl-devel mysql-devel libcdio-devel libmms-devel faad2-devel flac-devel libsmbclient-devel libXtst-devel libsamplerate-devel libtiff-devel pulseaudio-libs-devel avahi-devel wavpack-devel libmpeg2-devel libtool libmicrohttpd-devel libmodplug-devel redhat-lsb expat-devel gettext-devel python-devel libass-devel libvdpau-devel libva-devel libbluray-devel libdca-devel librtmp-devel yajl-devel git libssh*'

I noticed a couple of missing pieces, so I also ran:

$ sudo yum install dbus-devel libudev-devel libcrystalhd-devel

$ git clone git://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git

$ cd xbmc


$./configure --enable-goom

XScreenSaver support : no
PNG image support : yes
OGG Vorbis sound support : no
Enabled screensavers:
- Cyclone : no
- Euphoria : yes
- Field Lines : no
- Flocks : no
- Flux : no
- Helios : no
- Hyperspace : no
- Lattice : no
- Plasma : yes
- Skyrocket : no
- Solar Winds : yes
XBMC Configuration:
Debugging: Yes
Profiling: No
Optimization: Yes
Crosscomp.: No
target ARCH: no
target CPU: no
OpenGL: Yes
CrystalHD: Yes
VDADecoder: No
VTBDecoder: No
OpenMax: No
Joystick: Yes
XRandR: Yes
ProjectM: Yes
Skin Touched: No
X11: Yes
Bluray: Yes
MID Support: No
ccache: Yes
PulseAudio: Yes
HAL Support: No
Avahi: Yes
Non-free: Yes
ASAP Codec: No
Webserver: Yes
libRTMP support: Yes
libsmbclient support: Yes
libnfs client support:No
libafpclient support: No
AirPLay support: No
AirTunes support: No
Optical drive: Yes
libudev support: Yes
libusb support: No
libcec support: No
External FFmpeg: No
prefix: /usr/local

$ make -j2

$ su -c 'make install'

Everything made and installed cleanly, but when I try to run xbmc, I get the splash screen, but again it kicks my cinnamon session. And this time, xbmc is not on the session list on the logon screen

So, where do I start debugging this?

Once I get Eden working locally, I want to create a live USB key to try it on the PC in the lounge room and also get recorded and live TV operational
Is cinnamon using compositing? If so, you should disable it.
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.:B:. Wrote:Is cinnamon using compositing? If so, you should disable it.

How do I know? And how do I disable it if it is?
I could not find out how to disable compositing in cinnamon, so I installed xfce - xbmc now runs perfectly

Thanks for the pointer
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