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Option in profiles.xml to hide the Master User from login screen.
As per my question in this thread :

It would make the login screen much tidier, since I've had profiles set up I've not had any reason to go back into the Master Profile. A simple flag in the profiles.xml to enable or disable a profile would be ideal.

For example :

<visible>1</visible> to show the profile
<visible>0</visible> to hide the profile.

jmarshall suggested how it would be possible in my original thread, but editing XML files is about as far as my skills go!
Here is what jmarshall said

Quote:There's no way to do this, but I can see the potential. It would probably be best done by a (hidden?) tag in profiles.xml, in case you want to look into it settings/Profile.cpp/h. Basically add a bool hideOnLogin; or similar, read it in in Load() and then in GUIWindowLoginScreen don't show it if hideOnLogin is true.

+1 for this feature! I'd love to be able to hide master profile through xml settings, especially since I can enter "master mode" anytime from the other non-master profiles!


Be Able To Hide Profiles

ie) xxx / hentia
would also make good hidden profile names
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You may get this feature if you use this or when it gets merged

Hate to bump an old thread, but did anything ever come of this?

My Google Fu says no.

Option in profiles.xml to hide the Master User from login screen.51