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Hello all, I don't know if this is possible but apparently the Humax DVR has outbound DLNA capability. If i owned one of these would it be possible to add the DLNA Stream from the Humax as a source in XBMC on my 2011 MAC Mini.

If so what could I expect to appear on screen.

I have no real idea if this is how this works or even if this is the right place to post this.

Anyway any advice would be great.

Cheers David Petersen.
does this help:
Yes, Thanks.
I have the Foxsat PVR (not the Humax terrestrial DVR/PVR) and DNLA streaming works well to xbmc. The satellite version of the PVR does not encrypt SD recordings (unlike the DVB-T2 terrestrial model), but it does encrypt HD. I assume you are aware that this functionality does not come "out of the box" and that you have to install modified busybox firmware in order to provide DNLA support (either Twonky or Mediatomb) and/or Samba, FTP etc.

I'm not familiar with the firmware mods on the T2 model, but can help if you need any on the Humax Foxsat PVR.
Thanks for that I was reading on the icetv forum and one guy that had the Humax 7500t which is what I am looking at said that to his surprise the DLNA worked out of the box as his Samsung TV was picking it up. Anyway if I needed to muck around with it to get it to work thats okay.

Is there any chance you could upload some screenshots or a video of the DLNA stream you have setup. I just want to see what it appears like on XBMC.


David Petersen
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