Controlling Vera From xbmc
Hello all;

I have a device called Micasa Verde Vera2
which is a home controller to control z wave devices
this Vera works using Upnp
I have witnessed other Media Centers which provide this plug in
I was wondering ( i looked in the forum) if you are thinking of such a thing?
Including it in the iPhone App will be great also

Thank you
Two suggestions...

1) Explain exactly what you want to do, and how you see it working. aka Use Cases. From your post, there is no way to know how to answer it, it does not provide enough info.

2) Have you looked on the Vera forum to see if anyone has done any types integration of XBMC with Vera? If they have, what have they done?

here's a thread I found...

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Thank you very much for your reply

Actually I have posted that thread in micadaverde Forum Smile

I Have tried the MediaPortal center, it is of course nothing like XBMC (no offence to MediaPortal developers) but it has a plug in which allows you to control vera from MediaPortal with a nice interface (but not vice versa)
What i want is, a Media center where I can play my music and control my house (vera) with
This media center should support upnp so i can even control it from vera
and last thing, the xbmc iPhone application may include a tab specially for Vera

what do u think?
#4 wukk control vera from xbmc, what I personally am looking for is one that will respond to xbmc events (ie movie starts playing).
thank you Shawn for your reply
actually i have tried this one before but i always get a "Script Failed" message, is it because i am using it on windows?

for your request read this thread they explain how to do what you want and this one is tested by me Big Grin

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