Multiple scrapers for movies

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NeoFighter Offline
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Hello everyone.
Sorry for the dummy question, but that's making me insane.
In my collection I have three major types of movies stored in three different folders.
1. Polish movies.
2. Asian movies.
3. All other movies.
I want to use three different scrapers to collect movies info.
All I want to do is to load all movies from different folders (filled with different scrappers) in one big file list in XBMC.

I'd like to avoid creating *.nfo files for every movie separately.
Is there a simple solution for this?
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spiff Offline
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you set content on a per folder basis. simply set different scrapers (notice one p) for the different folders, scan your stuff and the library will hold em all.
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UnderCoverUZI Offline
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When adding each folder select where you want to scrape it from, pretty simple.

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I had to remove xbmc and library. Then I installed a fresh Eden RC2 with clean library. It's good now. It's working as expected, just selecting source catalog and scraper.
Thanks guys.
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getafix Offline
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Is it possible to set the resolution or quality of the thumbnails that are scraped. I have tried various skins and scrapers and cannot get a good quality image.

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