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moviebuff Offline
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Just wanted to post saying thank you for this great skin. It has replaced my old confluence modded skin and my family loves it. Thank you and great job )
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BigNoid Offline
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You're welcome Smile
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dkoh Offline
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After years of wanting, I finally put an HTPC together and I'm loving it. Coming from uPNP/PS3, XBMC and Nox is everything I wanted and more.

Good work, and thank you.
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mou Offline
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Thank you from me to Laugh

This is my top favorite skin of all time, its classy and elegant! Nod
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DanLongman Offline
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yup I love Aeon Nox, I like to try out new skins all the time, But always come back to Nox. Smile

Thanks big_Noid!
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