[RELEASE] Artist Slideshow 1.3.0 addon (with skin and addon integration)

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(2017-08-12 10:17)sprogger Wrote:  PK
Many thanks ... as a complete newbie my learning curve is straight up at the moment.

Found the MusicVisualization.xml file in Windows/User/me/appdata etc etc ... must say most of it is a foreign language to me .. changed various settings but cant get the desired affect

Will ask the skin creator for help..

I will say what a great add on though ... kudos for inventing


Thanks, although I didn't invent it. I just took over the maintenance on it a few years ago.

Providing a debug log: http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy

Add-ons I maintain:
Artist Slideshow: Add-on:Artist_Slideshow (wiki)
SpeedFan Information Display: Add-on:SpeedFan_Information_Display (wiki)
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Managed to get the Chroma skin slideshow working beautifully with the help of the skin author Tgx.

Am now looking at Album Info and Artist Bio .. in both I have enabled the audiodb.com and last.fm option with audiodb set at 1, last.fm set at 5

All my tracks (flac) are tagged with Artist, Album and Album Artist tags ..

Apologies for the newbie question that follows

When does ArtistSlideShow go to "fetch" the information from the music library I have previously loaded?
(I have hit play on some albums but it does not appear to update the info at that time)

When it retrieves the Album/Artist info where does it store the information?..

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Just a HU -- link to the wiki in the first post is broken.

scott s.
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