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Music - get fanart to show for albums with "various artists"
Hi. I am wondering if there's a way to get the fanart for a particular artist to show up when you're browsing, whether or not they are the "album artist" for the particular album that you're hovered over.

I don't think that explanation makes sense to anyone except me, so here's an illustration:

When I hover over this album, it looks fine because this is the only band on the album:

But when I hover over this album, because it's a compilation it just shows up as the silly generic fanart. It also does the same when I hover over the "All Artists" and ".." options, which is also annoying*.

As you can see, it works in Transparency, but I am reluctant to use that skin as it does not quite meet my requirements. I am using XBMC Eden RC1 for Windows. Cheers.


*(I would really like to remove these items from view altogether. I tried making an advancedsettings.xml file with the following in it, as was described in other threads, but even after restarting the program it did not seem to work. Is there a new way of doing it in Eden or something?)

    <hideallitems>true</hideallitems> <!-- removes the "*All" items from the music library -->

Your debug log will show you whether advancedsettings.xml is being read or not - you may have placed it in the wrong folder for example.

As for the fanart, two possibilities:

1. Transparency is using Fanart.Image rather than ListItem.Property(fanart_image) and XBMC is filling that (I doubt it)
2. Transparency is making some assumptions about your filesystem and reading the file directly off disk. The debug log might show info about this as well.
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Music - get fanart to show for albums with "various artists"00