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New Apple TV or Roku XD?
My ATV 1 burnt out a couple months ago somehow, and I've been waiting for the ATV 3. It's announced today.

I'm going to hold off on getting one until I'm sure XBMC can run on it, but are there any indications so far that it won't?

Also, Roku XD seems like a cheaper solution. Is there a hack to run XBMC on that instead?
If you want any hope of running XBMC on it some day: ATV3
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I got a Roku XS as a gift a couple weeks ago, and wasn't too impressed with it.

It can't even stream local content without transcoding it with the Plex server, which I found to be pretty buggy.

I wouldn't waste money on a Roku unless all you want to do is watch netflix and hulu plus.

New Apple TV or Roku XD?00