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Question/Request in "New Version"
I was looking at the GitHub and noticed that line two of your strategy section mentioned the following:

"2- Keep a local database for offline use as well as faster browsing."

This is awesome and will most likely be a HUGE game changer for this remote.

One of the biggest things I would like to see would be able to use the google search button (or soft button) to filter Movies and Music when browsing on my phone. Will this be possible?

Would like a remote method for quickly filtering the on-screen movies and music as well but who knows.
Not sure how to branch into the global search system, but I'm sure that will be possible.
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First, thank you very much for this great app. Would it be possible to control the music add-on "Radio" with the new version. That would be really awesome.
I am confused over the planned features - will it be possible to just browse the media library and not play anything (with xbmc turned off.) Sometimes it would just be really nice to view what I have in my library when I'm out and about, and naturally my box at home is off at those times.

Just today I was talking to some friends about this box collection of old movies I had added and wondered if there was anything they would like to watch. It would have been ace to browse a cached copy of the library then and there, in the app. As it where I had to ftp to my server and view the cluttered mess of folders I had made. Sad

Offline cached library mode would be super sweet.

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