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Many plugins not working
Plugins that depend on beautifulsoup do not launch.
The Big Picture, Free Cable, DIY Network do not work (they don't launch), HULU does but errors out when trying to play a video. I receive the following when launching these plugins.

I verified that beautiful soup exists in /root/.xbmc/addons and installed it again from

I'm running crystalbuntu on an atv1. :confused2:
I'm sure this was specific to something odd i did, but running
PHP Code:
sudo /usr/local/bin/pip install beautifulsoup4 
fixed it for me.
Pre1014, Where did you run the PHP code? Did you do this in terminal?

I'm the dev of The Big Pictures.
Yes, i can see from your debug log (well done) that you have the beatifulsoup module installed - but its path is not automatically appended to the python sys.path - which is XBMC's job. You are using external python which is (I guess) why most other people don't get this error.

You could (dirty) fix it by installing beatifulsoup to your system's python - but NOT the beatifulsoup4 version like pre1014 suggests (version 4 is incompatible in some cases to v3 - which is used for all plugins).

I'll talk to the xbmc devs and report back here.

Thanks for the report!
Could you also please upload a xbmc debug log when you try to start The Big Pictures - just to be sure.
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