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Custom size font and display of time

I have changed a bit the fonts and the size of the fonts in Font.xml. However I have now some little bugs with the display of the last digits (time and subtitles delay):

Would it be possible to automatically not display the last digits in the confluence skin if there isn't enough space? I know that it is a custom modification, so maybe you don't want to support it. In that case could you tell me what files I have to modify to remove the last digits for the subtitles delay and the seconds for the time.

P.S. I know that pvr isn't official yet, but it is the same with videos.
You can play around with "VideoFullScreen.xml" and change the width of the time labels or change to a smaller font for that screen. It's up to you Smile
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Thanks, it is what I needed.

Custom size font and display of time00