[RELEASE] Spotimc: Another Spotify music addon

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smallclone Offline
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(2017-02-03 02:52)kobyboy Wrote:  Love the spotmic addy but it does not work on Kodi krypton any updates

Me too. I've been using this for years. It's a brilliant addon

Any krypton updates?

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contagius Offline
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Krypton update please. Smile
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effe.rnr Offline
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(2017-03-06 14:28)contagius Wrote:  Krypton update please. Smile

+1 Angel
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kobyboy Offline
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OH YES please.
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Matze001 Offline
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Cool addon - and yes, please update for Krypton....

Question: is there any chance to see my albums additionally to my playlists?
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fredphoesh Offline
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Hi mazkolian,
I hope all is well with you!

Please, it'd be GREAT to get this working on Krypton!

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FrankP Offline
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It would be nice to have the plugin Spotimc working on Kodi Krypton 17.1.
Or any tips are welcome to make the addon work.
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marcelveldt Offline
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This my new Spotify addon for Kodi which uses the newer WebAPI for browsing.
The Spotimc addon is no longer developed. It's only a small fix to make it compatible with Krypton again but the entire API that this addon is using will be shutdown this year so there's not a lot sense of putting energy in it.
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