Getting the Window ID

some users of my scheduler asking for a xbmc support like I have already implemeted for MediaPortal: If xbmc is showing videos, photos or something other than "homescreen", my tool should not shutdown the system (and well, after I have installed xbmc I need this myself as well Smile ).

All I would need is a "window id"; means a number or description which dialog is currrently shown by xbmc. I looked thru some of the available tools and the easiest way for me would be to use a http interface to xbmc. But both I found (http api and json-rpc) do not provide this information (well, at least I couldn't find a parameter which returns the currently shown dialog).

Would be helpful if one can give me a helping hand on this. May be it will be easy to get this function for json-rpc - may be there is already a very easy way to get the window id.

Thanks !

For the Admins: I hope this is the correct forum - would be nice if you move it to the correct forum if this one is wrong.
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