How to darken the fanart?

I've added to Shade a new TV view (taken from Simplicity skin). I'd like to know how I could darken the fanart behind, as text doesn't appear due to contrast. I've looked, but couldn't find the command to darken the fanart image... I guess there's a switch somewhere?

Here's a screenshot of how it is now : [Image: screenshot022h.png]

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Apply a shaded image over top the fanart or use a fade animation to the fanart image. Many skins do this. You can look through their media folders to get some ideas. Alaska is a good example for an image overlay and Fusion I believe uses a fade animation.
Just put a black, or whatever color, image in front of it. Set transparency via Photoshop

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
Or just use a <colordiffuse>AARRGGBB</colordiffuse> in the image control.
Thanks guys!

Just found how to do it, with your explanations. as shown by your diverme method, there's a lot of way to do it.

I added this code

<control type="image">

Where vignette2.png is a transparent mask.

Thanks again!
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