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Can add-ons set breadcrumbs?
I've searched around and I can't find an answer to this: is it possible for addons to set breadcrumbs?

For example, in my iPhoto plugin, if the user is in Events, I want the breadcrumbs up top to display:

Home > Pictures > Events

If they navigate to a specific event called "Foo", it should be:

Home > Pictures > Events > Foo

Is this just not possible, or am I missing something?

Nope, the add-on cannot set that - it's defined by the skin (usually on the basis of content set). Something else for the future (turn the directory history into suitable infolabels for controls - probably needs a dedicated breadcrumb control).
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Ok, at least I'm not just missing something lol. The documentation for this stuff is so spread out that I'm often left wondering if I've just missed something obvious..

Just a +1 on this - would be super handy in any plugin with some depth to it....even if we could just set the label in a simple sense, but definig a depth hierachy would be handy...

Sorry, no help w/out a *full debug log*

Can add-ons set breadcrumbs?00